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Elevate your break room vending and office coffee services

We are family owned and operated and believe in designing the best combination of vending and office coffee services to meet your unique needs. As a Sodexo Partner, you’ll have access to a variety of quality-of-life improving services. Don’t leave your office break room to chance. A customized break room boosts employee morale, increases energy levels, and supports healthy snack and beverage choices.

Vending technology that creates a seamless experience

Our ENERGY STAR® certified, state-of-the art vending machines benefit both you and the planet.

Apple Pay® and Google Wallet™ payment service provide a simple and convenient way to purchase items from snack and beverage vending machines.

Streamware Connect, a cloud-based reporting and analytics tool, tracks sales and manages vending machines remotely.

Golden-Eye and SureVend™ product delivery systems ensure that customers either receive their chosen product or a refund.

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Healthy Vending Experts—Providing Better-For-You Snacks and Beverages

Knowing which snack or beverage is the healthier option can be hard, but it doesn’t have to be. Our healthy vending machines include NAMA’s FitPick® guidelines. Long Island and New York City employees can easily identify whether or not a product falls within healthy ranges for calories, fat, sugar, and sodium.

Offer healthy
vending machines in Long Island & New York
Tasty and Good-for-You!

Choose from a variety of sweet and salty healthy snacks. Our options are not just healthy; they taste great too.

Long Island & New York vending machines
Healthy Hydration!

Enjoy a refreshing, energizing, and hydrating beverage. Whether on the go or in the break room, drinking water is key for a healthy body.

Fundraising Options for Long Island including New York City Schools, Groups, and Organizations

A tasty way to give your school or organization a boost, our fundraising programs bring your community together to support each other. As a member of AFRDS (Association of Fund Raising Distributors & Suppliers), we promise to support your fundraising project with professionalism and integrity.


Choose from a variety of candy, chocolate, and assorted cookies including options from HERSHEY’S candy to create the perfect combination.


Whether you need to raise funds for uniforms or trips, our fundraising programs can put thousands of dollars back in your budget.

School Store

Let us create a central location in your school where your students and staff can enjoy one-stop shopping for snacks, beverages, and ice cream.


Up to 50% of the profit
Free shipping
Next-day delivery
Peanut-free options

Design a unique break room and fundraising experience in Long Island & the Metro New York Area with My 3 Sons Vending. Contact us at 800-765-3893 or info@mtsvending.com.