Modern vending machines stocked with Long Island and the Metro New York Area’s preferred refreshments.

Design a break room benefit that is available at any time of the day. Whether it’s healthy or traditional snacks, freshly made food, or refreshing beverages, My3Sons Vending will help provide a customized employee perk.

Vending machines in Long Island and the Metro New York Area

Tasty snacks

Satisfy in-between-mealtime hunger with sweet and salty snacks

Long Island and the Metro New York Area vending machines

Fresh food

Savor freshly prepared food that is always available onsite.

Vending machines in Long Island and the Metro New York Area

Ice-cold beverages

Enjoy a variety of thirst-quenching beverages from soda to bottled water.

OPT Healthy by Sodexo
Make choosing healthy options easier

Enjoy a variety of healthy snacks, beverages, and freshly-prepared food that meet OPT Healthy nutrition criteria. An interactive touchscreen on each vending machine helps educate consumers before a purchase is made.

Opt for healthy
FitPick® by NAMA
Delivering better-for-you choices

Walk away knowing that every vending machine purchase labeled with a FitPick® sticker or label meets recognized nutrition guidelines. Easy to understand guidelines educate consumers about maximum values for calories, fat, sugar, and sodium.

Pick healthy

Get to know responsive vending technology

01. State-of-the-art equipment

Offer your employees an environmentally-friendly experience with ENERGY STAR® certified vending equipment.

02. Mobile Payments

Use your smart phone to make a payment via Apple Pay® or Google Wallet™ when purchasing an item at one of our vending machines.

03. Wireless Communication

Depend on Streamware Connect, a cloud-based reporting and analytics tool, to remotely monitor sales data and vending machines.

04. Customer Service

Ensure employee satisfaction with quick product delivery or a prompt refund via Golden-Eye and SureVend™ delivery systems.

Upgrade your Long Island and Metro New York Area refreshment experience with vending machine services from My 3 Sons at 800.765.3893 or

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