Long Island and New York Metro Area break rooms — where technology and refreshments merge.

Boost your vending machine and break room popularity with state-of-the-art technology.

The state of your vending machine technology matters. Employees value new and exciting break room benefits, but demand seamless experiences. Meet those demands with a combination of cutting-edge features.

Payment options

Make vending machine purchases by using a debit or credit card or a mobile wallet.


Our machines consume less energy with LED lighting and ENERGY STAR® certification.

Delivery systems

Sensors are used to ensure that either the product dispenses or a refund is provided.

Remote monitoring

A cloud-based reporting and analytics tool tracks sales and manages inventory.

Innovative vending machine technology is brought to Long Island and Metro New York Area break rooms with My 3 Sons Vending at 800.765.3893 or info@mtsvending.com.

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